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H1: Empower Your Future

P: If you’re looking for a career with limitless opportunities and competitive pay, consider a skilled trade in the energy industry. (hyper link after the comma for the overview video)



H2: Go from classroom to career in a year

H3: Overhead Line Worker

H4: Become a First Responder

P: Imagine climbing high above the trees to repair power lines – that’s the job of an overhead line worker. They’re some of the most visible employees in the energy industry. As an overhead line worker, you’re one of the “first responders” – the go-to people when needs arise such as when severe weather conditions strike the area.



H3: Underground Cable Splicer

H4: Keep Communities Out of the Dark

P: Working underground, cable splicers install, splice, test and repair high-voltage cable lines – effectively keeping communities out of the dark. Perfect if you like exploration, while making an impact in your community.


H3: Assistant Substation Operations

H4: Run a Substation

P: Every substation requires a “power master” to run the station around the clock – that’s the job of an assistant substation operations worker. You conduct regular maintenance, inspections and troubleshooting to keep the electricity flowing to our communities.


H3: Power Equipment Relay Testing

H4: Become a Troubleshooter

P: Do you pay attention to detail? If so, working as a PERT technician may be the career for you. In this role, you inspect all new energy equipment, service existing equipment and troubleshoot any equipment problems.


H3: Field Service Representative

H4: Fill an Important Service Role

P: A vital part of all energy company operations, field service reps install and service meters of residential and business customers. This position also serves an important customer service role. You interact with customers, while answering questions about meters and electrical service.


H3: Maintenance Fitter

H4: Keep the Gas Flowing Safely

P: Interested in welding and metal fabrication? Help keep gas flowing safely throughout your community’s pipelines as a maintenance fitter. In this role, you fit pipes, find and repair leaks, re-light residential appliances and reconnect meters.


H3: Construction Worker

H4: Grab a Hammer and Start to Build

P: As a construction worker, you will read blueprints, use a variety of power tools and continually build things.


H3: Line Clearance Worker

H4: Take Care of Trees and Brush

P: The workers you see riding in buckets among the trees are line clearance apprentices and journeymen, responsible for trimming and removing trees and brush. In this role, you begin training as a woodsman on the ground and quickly learn about electricity, aerial rescues, CPR and truck driving.


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H2: Make a Difference

H3: Your Skill is your Strength

P: Advancements in technology have put those in skilled trades on a level playing field, shattering the glass ceiling in the energy sector. There is a career path for everyone, providing a rewarding opportunity to use your hands, heart and head while making a positive impact in your community.



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